New Referee Certification
Saturday, March 23, 2019 Omak High School

This class is for anyone who has never been a certified USSF Soccer referee or who has not been certified within the last 3 years. Class will be 90% field training with an introduction to ArbiterSports, our online assigning program. Preclass work involves 7 hours of online videos with short tests. These videos need to be watched before Mar 21st and vary in length from 10-50 min. This class will certify you to referee High School as well as all local youth games.

We strive to provide USSF certified referees for games starting at the U11 age group. Youth are encouraged to begin refreeing when they are 11 years old and we encourage all interested adults to become part of our referee pool. Those wishing to begin refereeing at the U9 level d not need to be certified, although it is highly encouraged. Youth players are typically allowed to Referee the age group below their age group and Assistant Referee (AR up to their age group.

How to Become a Referee: referee certification is facilitated through the Washington State Referee Comimttee, a member of the United States Soccer Federation. Local clinics are held annually and certification clinics are held weekly throughout the state. Please visit to learn more. Click on the "Instruction" tab > "Clinics & Events Schedule" to find out where the next available clinic will be held

North Central Youth Soccer plays is affiliated with United States Youth Soccer. Accordingly, we play with some modified rules. These are most noticeable at the younger ages where we play small sided games. Modified rules include such things as smaller fields, smaller teams, shorter games, graduated adoption of FIFA rules, etc. A Modified Rules Chart is provided to referees and coaches each season. At U13 and above, play is much more similar to standard FIFA Laws of the Game.